Welcome to Mindfulness Yoga For Everyday Life with Kevin Glaister. Gently strengthen, stretch, relax, re-energize and renew, and learn to relieve stress and tension with mindfulness yoga and meditation.

I offer group yoga classes and individual tuition to  men and women of all ages and abilities, including beginners. New students are very welcome.  Classes are adapted to suit the individual needs of students and individual attention is given. I teach in a way which is clear, safe and accessible to everyone.

I have taught yoga in Gloucestershire since 2000 after having trained rigorously and extensively before qualifying in the Iyengar system, your guarantee of safety and quality. My mature approach to teaching is informed by many years of personal practice and by other systems of hatha yoga, as well as in the practice of mindfulness and insight meditation. I am dedicated to sharing the many benefits of both yoga and mindfulness.  Classes are presently held in Stroud and Stonehouse. I also offer yoga classes to individuals and groups, in the workplace and in schools and colleges.

Mindfulness Yoga differs from many traditional yoga practices in that there is greater focus on kindly awareness of the body, mind and heart.  I see the practice of yoga as a means to living well, and develop greater compassion and self-acceptance.

Mindfulness yoga is essentially an awareness practice, rather than merely a series of stretching movements, the aim of which is to still and center the mind, which takes us out of our busy heads and into our bodies. With regular practice we learn to listen and explore the body-mind, which can lead us to develop a more harmonious relationship to ourselves and the surrounding world. A strong healthy body, and a calm, clear and compassionate mind enable us to live and enjoy life to it's full potential.